Between 21st October 2013 and 5th October 2014 the film Blue has been screened at Tate Modern on the 20th Anniversary of the film’s release.

In 1974, after seeing a monochrome painting by Yves Klein at the Tate Gallery, Derek Jarman was inspired to make a “blue film” dedicated to the French artist. And indeed, he made the film Blue using only this colour, an ultramarine pigment solution, Klein patented as “International Klein Blue”.

Years later, when Jarman started losing sight and the medication against Aids was causing him to see as if through a blue filter, he came back to the idea of the “blue film”. The colour blue interpreted and understood with melancholy, water, infinity, mysticism and others, was the perfect interpretation for Jarman’s mental, physical and emotional state of mind, caused by the terminal illness. Finally, the film was made in 1993 with a little help of many friends. The script is recited by actors like Tilda Swinton and by Derek Jarman himself, the soundtrack by Simon Fiser-Turner includes choral singing, time-marking sounds like ticking clocks, chimes and gongs, as well as music by Brian Eno, Coil and Erik Satie among others.

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