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Book presentation by James Mackay:
Derek Jarman – Super 8

During the Rye Arts Festival there is the presentation of the book Super-8 by James Mackay. James Mackay, producer of twelve Jarman films, leading expert on Jarman’s filmography and the author of Derek Jarman Super 8 discusses the visually courageous and creative Super 8s with BBC Arts Editor Will Gompertz, author of Think Like an Artist. The talk will be accompanied by a screening of a selection of the films, all of which have been lovingly and painstakingly restored by Mackay.

Derek Jarman left his entire collection of ninty-two Super-8s to James Mackay, who has spent last twenty years archiving, restoring and digitizing them.  The book features key stills and sequences from the films and has 780 ilustrations.

Venue: The Kino, Lion Street, Rye. Tickets: £12. 3th September 3:00PM – Midnight.

Here is the link to this book, that was published by Thames & Hudson.

James Mackay:
Derek Jarman Super 8

There’s a new book out about Jarman’s Super 8 Films: Derek Jarman Super 8 from James Mackay, published by Thames & Hudson. It is a brilliantly edited selection of stills from Derek Jarman’s many short Super 8 films, curated and commented on by some of the biggest names in contemporary art and cinema.

Jarman’s friend and producer, James Mackay has overseen the restoration of 92 Super 8’s to prevent these rarely seen films being lost forever. James Mackay is custodian of Jarman’s Super 8s and the leading expert on Jarman’s filmography. He produced twelve Jarman films, including Caravaggio and The Last of England.

This book shows key stills and sequences from the films, as chosen and introduced by Liam Gillick, Wilhelm Sasnal, Sarah Turner, Gina Birch, Matthias Müller, Peter Fillingham, Neil Bartlett and Isaac Julien. The transient images isolated like paintings are the essence of Derek Jarman and the visual vocabulary of a great artist. This is an indispensable introduction to the Super 8s for all film historians, film students and cineastes. The book has 288 pages, 780 illustrations and costs £19.95. You can order it e.g. on this link from Thames & Hudson.