The Lightbox series at Tate Britain are dedicated to show artist films and videos. Between 5th April and 1st June 2008 Derek Jarman’s film, Imagining October is shown. This rarely seen film is mostly filmed in Moscow, was produced for the London Film Festival in 1984 and lasts 27 minutes. At the time Derek Jarman was in Russia invited with a group of British filmmakers, where he presented his film The Tempest. Imagining October shows his reflections on the politics of both the Soviet state and Thatcherism in Britain, of course filmed with his Super-8 camera while he was wandering throughout the streets of Moscow. He captured in his images the passing moments of pre-Perestroika Russia what was very uncommon to get from any other Western filmmakers at that time. And at the same time at the Serpentine Gallery: „Derek Jarman Curated by Isaac Julien“ (23rd February – 13th April).

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