Between 30th August 2008 and 2nd November 2008 you can pay a visit to the Kunsthalle Zürich for the new exhibition Derek Jarman: Brutal Beauty. This is the third exhibition of Derek Jarman: Brutal Beauty curated by Jarman’s many years working partner Isaac Julien, first shown in the Serpentine Gallery, London in cooperation with Kunsthalle Zürich and Kunsthalle Wien.

The exhibition opens with a selection of paintings from the 1980s and 1990s, offers double projection, which was developed for the Kunsthalle Zürich and shows the material for Isaac Julien’s film Derek. Documentary film Derek, Jarman’s recorded interview by writer and producer Colin McCabe, the voiceover is narrated by his friend Tilda Swinton who appeared in many Jarman’s films and many more. The film Derek is basicly an overview of Jarman’s biography.  The exhibition ends with Jarman’s moving and distressing film Blue, made by an artist who was about to go blind. As Isaac Julien said: „Jarman’s main priority was „to unite Art with Life and vice versa“ – in this exhibition you will be drawn into Jarman’s artistic world.

You can find all the details under this link.