HOME CINEMA, located in Manchester, presents at the beginning of October a programme of the short listed artists for the Jarman Award 2016: Mikhail Karikis, Shona Illingworth, Sophia Al Maria, Cécile B. Evans, Rachel Maclean and Heather Phillipson. Their work range from single screen works to gallery installations and found footage sourced from YouTube. It will give an insight into the best contemporary moving image artists in England. This is the programme:

Part I:
Mikhail Karikis, Children of Unquiet, 2014, 16 min
Heather Phillipson, FINAL DAYS, 2015, 22 min
Shona Illingworth, 216 Westbound, 2014, 17 min

Part II:
Cécile B. Evans, Hyperlinks or It Didn’t Happen, 2014, 22 min
Sophia Al Maria, The Watcher # 1, 2014, 6min and Choque, 2014, 5min
Rachel Maclean, Please Sir…, 2014, 25 min

2 Tony Wilson Place
M15 4FN
Sun 2 Oct 2016, 15.40
The screening includes a with the shortlisted artists Heather Phillipson and Chris Paul Daniels, artist and Lecturer in Filmmaking at Manchester School of Art.
More information about the screening at the website of HOME