This until 2014 unreleased short film was recorded in 1984 as a test footage for a proposed project to assist Ron Peck, a director and friend of Derek Jarman. This 78 minutes experimental footage was filmed in the, now closed, Benjy’s gay nightclub in east London.
Many night clubbers were invited into the club and asked to act naturally, where they were filmed while dancing. There we can see Derek Jarman holding the camera and moving around the club and spinning around like the dancers. The end of the film is when the camera is fixated on one boy and the question from the title had been asked: Will you dance with me? That boy is known as Phillip Williamson and he was also one of the two angels in The Angelic Conversation. The film is expressing the situation and the attitude of the London gay club scene at that time.

Bruce LaBruce is expressing his thoughts on Will you dance with me in an interesting article. He is a well known filmmaker, writer, photographer and artist based in Toronto, Canada, who started his artistic career by working at the queer punk zine J.D.s and producing Super-8 films.